Altered Feral State, Inc
Altered Feral State, Inc

About our TNR

Winter is here so we will not be doing TNR's until March 2017.

We feel it is too hard on the females after surgery to be turned out into the cold while they are trying to recoop their body heat. We do not want the females to become sick and helpless.

So see you in the Spring




We only trap on the weekends, all TNR's are by appointment only.


You must Email us at


Please include Your name, the County you live in, the number of cats to be TNR'd


The cost of the TNR is $50. per cat/kitten, this includes the Spay/Neuter, 1 year Rabies vaccine, ear-tip, deworming, transportation, supplies used during the TNR and care of cats while holding before transport to clinic.

Cash or Credit Card accepted due when cats are caught.


We arrive at your place Saturday late afternoon around the time you normanally feed, bait and set the traps and wait for the cats to enter the traps, then we quickly cover the traps to keep the cat calm inside. Once all cats are caught we bring them back to holding area in our garage that is heated and or cooled, the cats are sat on tables off the floor and are fed, watered, and cared for untill they are transported on Monday morning to the clinic.


They will be vetted and picked up and returned to your property next day on Tuesday and released.

You will be given the Rabies certificate for each cat.