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Altered Feral State, Inc

About Us

Who We Are - What We Do - What We DON'T Do...

We do NOT remove the cats from your property!!! 


At this time we are NOT doing any TNR's. 

The spay/neuter Clinic we used is closed due to Covid.  



The areas we service are Barrow, Newton, Rockdale and Walton Counties.

Altered Feral State is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to reducing the feral cat population through the only non-lethal method that is proven to work. That method is known as TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).


What is a feral cat? A feral cat is an unsocialized cat who avoids human contact. Either it was born outside and never lived with a human family, or it is a pet cat that has strayed from home, and over time, has thrown off the effects of domestication and reverted to a wild state. When pet cats are forced to fend for themselves because they are abandoned or accidentally lost, huge numbers die from exposure, starvation or accidents. The survivors often turn feral and, if they are not sterilized, give birth to feral kittens. The cycle continues.


Often well meaning people begin by feeding a cat that shows up in the yard. Before they know it, there are many cats and the whole thing gets out of hand. While it is wonderful that people care enough to want the cats to have food, it is essential that the cats are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before the breeding starts. Most people simply can’t afford to have a large number of cats spayed and neutered – the cost is overwhelming.

Altered Feral State has been organized to assist the caregivers in many ways so they can continue to care for the cats they love and not have to worry about ever increasing numbers.



TNR projects are scheduled on a first come - first serve basis. Feral colonies do not "appear" overnight - we will help you as quickly as we can.


A non-breeding colony of feral cats can be a joy to care for. They have a home – outdoors! Adult feral cats are like wildlife. And it is just as thrilling to have a feral cat greet you and possibly rub against you or let you pet it as it is to have a deer come to your yard and eat out of your hand. You know they are doing it because they choose to and it is a very special experience.

All of our Cats and  kittens are completely socialized  They have been tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, treated for worms, ear mites, all parasites, spayed, neutered and vaccinated. All of our kittens are spayed or neutered prior to adoption in an effort to help reduce the cat population and be part of the solution, not the problem.


Currently, Altered Feral State is partnered with PetSmart and ProPlan Rally to Rescue for our in-store and shelter adoptions.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL ANIMAL CONTROL!!!!! Virtually 100% of feral cats that are trapped and taken to animal control shelters are killed. They simply have no alternative. We do!!!!!!! PLEASE when emailing us about doing a TNR for you, give us your Name and the County you live in, also include how many cats you need to have TNR'ed this will help us assist you faster.

Our mission is to help the cats BEFORE they end up in animal control shelters because once there, they will never have a chance to be rescued.

Altered Feral State is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to helping Cats find their forever homes. Our TNR program is closed at this time so we are focusing on saving the lives of Cats and Kittens in Animal Control that need our help.


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